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How is Starband these days?

Note I saw the Starband post below, but it wouldn't let me post there because it was too old. Anyway I was wondering if there are any Starband users out there. If so, would you recommend it? Do you get consistent speed? Also how are you ping times.(If you don't mind could I see a ping test?) Do you feel Starband is worth the $20 a month premium for the 1500 plan?

I have been thinking about switching to Hughesnet from Wildblue because of awful pings, but the gains seem marginal and Hughesnet has an awful FAP policy IMO. Starband on the other hand has my favorite FAP policy. Mainly because you can do big downloads during the day like with Wildblue, but you also get a FAP free time like Hughesnet, but a bigger window.
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I'd also be interested in hearing from Starband customers. Right now, I am on HughesNet, and the growing number of incompatibilities and problems I'm experiencing with HN is making me consider my other options... which, at this time, happen to be limited to Starband. Starband is more expensive here and I was unable to find any plans that could even come close to what I have with HughesNet, but if it actually operates smoothly and doesn't have all kinds of problems and incompatibilities with sites online (zazzle, for example) then it's something I'm willing to consider when my contract's up.

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Seems to be doing ok these days, as a dealer/installer, I have very few complaints. I do though make sure that my customers understand exactelly what they are getting, that really helps a lot. Adds about 2 hrs per customer on set up tweaking everything, sitting down with them and taking them through step by step what sat Internet is how it works what you can and can't do etc..... Makes all the difference!!

Speeds are average for vsat, just a bit under what is advertised, but ping times stay consistently in the 600-700 ms range

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