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This is a sub-selection from Sprint

Blackwood, NJ
reply to mmay149q

Re: Sprint

said by mmay149q:

said by baineschile:

Here I come. The unlimited data with VZW was the only thing keeping me around. Its amazing how cellphone habits have changed. I have some family plan, 700 minutes. You know how many I used last month? 31.

Agree'd, if they force me out of my unlimited data on my new Thunderbolt I'll be gone from VZW and most likely going with Sprint, I think Sprint roams on VZW's network right?


they cant change your billing structure in the middle of a contract...

one of the biggest reasons for many people going with the TB despite it being the LTE guinea pig was to grandfather yourself into the current data plans. as this article stated, there've been rumors of caps/tiers/etc for a long time. Sprint charges more for 4G phones even if you 1- dont want 4G speeds and 2- dont have WiMax in your area. We didnt want anything to do with that for 1-2 years