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St Thomas, ON
reply to SpongeGuard

Re: Anyone using Unblock-us?

There seems to be a hack or work-around to be able to get hu-loo in this country (I'm using phraseology here so that hu-lou won't find this easily if they're looking for stuff like this).

This hack involves getting this firefox add-on: Modify Headers (»addons.mozilla.org/en-us/firefox ··· headers/) and adding "X-Forwarded-For" header to what your browser normally sends out to web servers when it's accessing content. The argument or value to supply along with that header is an IP address. In this case, we want to use a US IP address - any address we know to be in the USA (no traffic will actually be routed through this address).

That header line is used to tell a web server what your real IP address is if you're going through a proxy. So in this case we're trying to fool hu-lou into thinking that we're in the USA because it's probably looking for that header. I don't think you actually have to use a US-based proxy for this to work.

Now, there seems to several other things you have to do, such as

1) Add "hulu.cust.footprint.net" to your hosts file, or add it to your firewall out-bound rules (I would think that adding it to your hosts file is faster and easier and does the same thing).

2) add various IP addresses to your out-bound firewall settings. These include,,, All on port 80.

3) add to more rules to your out-bound firewall setting. One for UDP, one for TCP. The port you're blocking is 1935.

It seems that some combination of 1, 2 and 3 will allow you to get hoo-lou on Chrome without the modify-headers add-on, and if so then presumably that would also be the case with any browser.

Hoo-lou seems to be able to catch on about the X Forwarded header and might (or will) eventually block the IP address being used, but when that happens all you need to do is change the address slightly and you're back in business. This hack seems to also work for TheDailyShow.com, and ColbertNation.com.

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