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Skokie, IL
reply to NormanS

Re: AT&T usage meter -- is yours as wildly inaccurate as mine?

said by NormanS:

Tomato? DD-WRT? I can't run them on my D-Link DIR-655!. All I get is how many packets are sent/received. In case you are not aware, not all routers have Tomato, or DD-WRT installed. Even those that are capable of flashing those firmwares; many don't bother. Which is why I asked for context. Until you brought up those custom router firmwares, there was no context to understand your statement.

In the very first post of the thread I said that I was running dd-wrt. Don't know where your problem lies.

There is no universal multiplier that anyone can give you that will magically convert packets to number of bytes. Packets can be anywhere from 1 to 1492 bytes, and the average is who knows because it varies explicitly based on your specific traffic.

The upshot is that your equipment doesn't have the ability to measure what you want it to measure. You either need to change the equipment, change the software that's running on it (if possible), or find some other way to measure your traffic. No-one said it'd be easy, and no-one owes you an easy solution except yourself.

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San Jose, CA
·Pacific Bell - SBC
said by gvd:

In the very first post of the thread I said that I was running dd-wrt. Don't know where your problem lies.

Probably in the fact that I was replying to 'sotxbill', who was commenting on my comment about my rig, and what it was measuring.
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Mine is completely broken this week - it appears that no data has accumulated for two weeks or something is otherwise wrong with the meter.

Calling AT&T and speaking to several people left me with a few very weird conversations about the future of the metering, and I'm really hesitant to post the things I heard AT&T reps say because some of the stuff was pretty out there. People are NOT happy with the caps or the metering.

I'm just going to send a polite certified letter to the OOP and see what (if anything) happens to fix my meter.