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San Jose, CA
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Re: Educate the consumers

Its simple as this:

Government owns backbones ("dumb pipes") throughout the country then it leases to telcos. Anybody can rent and provide end line service to a house through a national telco. Suppose country has 3 national telcos with 1 (A) having 60% control and other 2 (B, C) 20% each. Company has to share its end lines with B,C and B,C have to share their end lines with A. They get reimbursed for it. Then you have virtual providers joining in game, hundreds of them, at least tens in market. Thats how the market should be with dsl, vdsl, ftth. Cablecos are forced to compete and lower prices. Everybody benefits but nobody dominates the market.

This model works in most european countries since traditionally there was one national provider originally run by government and later privatized and regulated.

The U.S had MA Bell like most other countries in the beginning, laying down and owning the copper but its fate met with a different course in history. Can anybody please give insight into this?