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Haverstraw, NY
reply to BlueC

Re: Integrated T1: Paetec or AT&T?

said by BlueC:

From my experience, if the ILEC isn't easy to deal with, you're almost always better off going through a good CLEC. I only say that because a CLEC will usually have more leverage with the ILEC compared to you going out and getting a connection directly from the ILEC. This is for when issues arise.

But of course it all depends on the CLEC. Paetec seems to have a pretty good reputation. I would personally rather deal with a company like Paetec than a larger ILEC like AT&T. But that's me.

You're probably right about the leverage thing. I've been stuck with Paetec with VZ delivering the last mile, and it's been rough. At the same time I've had a T1 directly from VZ, which hasn't been easy either.

The problem is that VZ has been very good at ignoring all repair requests and delaying them. Regardless of who puts in the ticket. And then the extra layer gets frustrating.

But then again, it really depends on the area and the copper condition etc.