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Old and Cranky
Cortland, OH
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Dodged a Bullet... Again!

Couple of big time thunderstorms rolled through here last evening. But it seems we dodged the big bullet. No real wind to speak of, locally, but buckets of rain. Seems that most of the really severe stuff passed north and south of us. Forecast is for more severe storms on and off all day and into the evening. I just wish we could catch a break and get a few days of decent weather so I wouldn't have to "harvest" my grass, instead of just cutting it. My back yard is pretty-much a quagmire... and has been since the snow metled.

I know that it seems really petty of me to complain about a wet yard, when so many others have endured so much worse this spring, but I'm beginning to think I made a huge mistake in selling the ark it took me so long to build. This is definitely one of the wettest springs I can remember. The biggest problem is with the warmer temps, now, and all the water, the grass is growing at astounding rates. I swear, I could mow every other day and not be able to stay ahead of it. That is... if it would stop raining long enough to be able to mow.

My heart does go out to all those who are suffering through the tornado outbreaks everyday. I cannot imagine the horror of losing everything to a storm like that. I saw the F-5 that rolled through this area on Memorial Day in '85... I was only about half a mile away from that one when it tore through Niles. I don't need to see any more from that close.
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Bloom County
We have had the wettest April on record and I believe the wettest May (couple areas near me got their average allotment of rain for May in one storm 2 weeks ago) on record.

Xenia for tennis ball sized hail (just to the east of me) and had parking signs bend from the wind alone. Centerville, Ohio had tennis and baseball sized hail.

I could not go watch the kids\wife's Tae Kwon Do class so I mowed the lawn and got it done JUST in time. First time this spring that I could mow less than 2 weeks apart.

Go here: » ··· d=239134

And use the advanced search and search for hail then sort by most recent - many pics of the hail.

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Wherever you go, there you are
Dayton, OH
tell me about it.. My sump pump starts running as soon as someone announces rain.. I've been in this house for 9 years now and have never seen it like this.

said by Derwood:

tell me about it.. My sump pump starts running as soon as someone announces rain.. I've been in this house for 9 years now and have never seen it like this.

Both of mine do too. I think I'm just going to plant rice instead of grass.

Bruceville, IN
reply to Pacrat
Tell me about it I still have 5 feet of Wabash River on my farm.