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Dillsburg, PA

Curious, and insight desired

I noticed your comment about 'tweaking' your connection to improve your speed.

I've had a part time job working with Verizon's Indian customer service, and their local staff (who I must stay are at least more competent) for going on 6 months for issues. New modem, 4 house visits, 10 calls to India, messages to the tech forum here, second level support locally, etc etc etc.

I contacted to a 1.5-3 Mbps package. Everything worked great for 2+ years, then I started getting speed issues in the evening (dropping to 400Kbps or so on the download side) last last year. I called Verizon numerous times and have worked with second level support and they claim it is network congestion (and apparently have no plans to correct the problem, based on their latest ploy of changing the package speeds to 1-3 Mbps and putting the 'network congestion' disclaimer in the TOS).

So i'm interested to know what tips you might have to tweak the connection to at least improve the speed enough to get to the minimum speed of my package... Thanks.