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Fort Wayne, IN

Need help with Frontier 56K ptp line!

I am in a hurt locker. I have a customer that has a Frontier 56k PTP circuit. It is simple extending his Windows network to his warehouse. He currently has a Perle P852 on each side of this 56k line. One of these units died and and there are no more in the country!

I need some kind of replacement but it has been so long I am at a loss. Do trunk lines still require a CSU/DSU and then a router to boot? Are the existing Perle P852's a CDU/DSU/ Router all-in-one? Can anyone tell me what I need to get in order to get them up and running again? Thanks!


United State

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perhaps this...

»www.pcconnectionexpress.com/1/1/ ··· 534.html

»www.provantage.com/perle-systems ··· E03A.htm

I would expect it needs to be the same device, or configured the same on each end.

Considering the cost of those units, maybe it's time to rethink the whole 56K line and try something modern like a VPN?