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Nine Mile Falls, WA

Qwest "Heavy Duty" Internet with Zoom 5565

I am fortunate to get high speed internet where I live. It's only because of a bedroom community 1/2 mile down the road. So I don't complain much about it. I have had the 1.5 package for about 3 years with pings about 120ms. My true download throughput was around 1.2Mbps. I just upgraded to the Heavy Duty package (5/.8Mbps) and had difficulty with the switch. I use a Zoom X5v 2/2+ voip/modem 5565 and it has worked great. The issue came in when the previous settings for encapsluation were PPPoA VC-Mux and changed to PPPoE LLC. Everything else was the same. Sure would be helpful if Qwest disclosed that kind of info on their website. Someplace conspicuous anyway.

I just got off the phone with tech support who was surprisingly helpful and ran a speedtest with their service and with speedtest.net. Qwest speedtest has been in the mid 3Mbps/.6Mbps and speedtest.net's shows 2.8 Mbps/.7Mbps. Both have ping times now around 60ms.

I live about 15 miles NW of Spokane, WA and the phone lines to my house are about 30 years old. Hope that helps people out.

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Castle Rock, CO
Haha! Love it! Qwest considers 3Mbps to be “high speed” AND “Heavy Duty.”