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Jan Janowski
Skokie, IL

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reply to cypherstream

Re: Spectrum Quad Tuner DVR revealed

Let me ask a Question regarding this new box.. (as user of Motorola HD Box without DVR right now):

1. How many simultaneous HD recordings? If some are SD, How many? (Should I retire my multiple LG3410a's?)
2. How many HD hours can it record? How long can I keep them? (Until I delete them?)
3. Are the YUV outputs and composite outputs BOTH active simultaneously (As in the Motorola HD Box?)
4. If you leave the box on channel 187 at all times, and you schedule a recording of channel 223 (for example), what does the composite output display, Downconverted 187 or 223, during the recording?

Inquireing minds want to know (My Wife -- the Video Junky!) !
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Des Plaines, IL
1. 3 + 1 live or 4 with live being recorded as well.
2. maybe 500GB or more HDD + likely E-sata but turned off like other comcast boxes.

But with out MRV 4 tuners is a lot hardware locked to 1 TV unless it can do U-verse like split screens with up to 4 on 1 tv at the same time.

The Direct New MRV box with 5 tuners will have E-sata with plans to make it add space right on Directv E-sata overrides to build in HDD and maybe being able to stack boxes for more tuners right now you can use more then 1 directv DRV in MRV.

Dish has new 3 tuner real HD MRV boxes that can stack to add more tuners to the pool.

But right now cable is stuck with 2 tuner MRV boxes.

So I think comcast needs to have this work with 4 tuners in MRV.