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Brewster, WA

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reply to hottboiinnc

Re: New law only guarantees voters get an OK BEFORE $ spent

said by hottboiinnc:

very true. Especially as a Gov't entity they do NOT pay taxes on anything and are NOT allowed to turn a profit. Also in most areas the cities OWN the poles that they CHARGE others to use but do NOT charge their own departments to use. NOT fair at all.

They're also the ones who paid for the existing poles and pay for the replacement of poles and pay for the overall maintenance of the poles...

... but yes, I guess they sure do get a very unfair of not having to pay for those poles (that they have actually paid for).
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Cleveland, OH

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They do NOT pay for the poles now. The companies that have lines and other equipment on them PAY for those poles. So that's another expense that does give the cities something that they don't have to charge their customers for in the base price. They wanted to build out; they create a level playing field. It's time now the states start coming in and taking the ROW from more and more cities and leaving them at the State Level and charge EVERYONE a fair amount to use the poles.