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Sparkill, NY

Cablevision Home Wifi Security in Argentina

Our Cablevision service in Buenos Aires uses a Motorola box, which is a combined modem and wireless router. To get wireless access with a new computer, we must call Cablevision and give them the new computer's serial number. Then after some action on their end, the computer can get internet access.

This is a different system from our Cablevision service in the U.S., where we provide our own wireless router. A guest can log on to our router using our password -- no need to phone Cablevision.

It's not a problem -- I'm only wanting to understand what Cablevision does with the computer's serial number. Is it really possible for the computer's serial number to be queried by the wireless router? What is the reason for this system -- better security? For instance, to avoid the common U.S. situation, where many people carelessly leave their wireless routers open to the world without password protection?

My other question is whether there is any use in bringing one's own router (for instance, a new dual-band model) to Argentina. Is using your own router possible, or would it conflict with the Motorola modem/router box? Is there any other good reason to have your own router instead of Cablevision's? Thanks.


some of these boxes have the option of mac adress cloning, such that new wifi users use the mac adress of the original pc.


reply to mh754
I believe that on the ''Sucursal Virtual'' (»sucursalvirtual.fibertel.com.ar) you can change the settings and disable MAC Address filtering, and enabling WPA for some security.

That way you won't have to call Fibertel on the issue.

If you have any questions, I am an user of the service.

Also, about the routing, the best way is to request a non-wireless modem and using that directly, as those don't have any issues with routers, for example I have one of the Scientific Atlanta DPC2100 they use with a (crappy) Linksys WRT54G2, and it was really easy to set up.

Also, if you want a good router over here, I suggest you check out the TP-Link WR941ND on MercadoLibre before going to a place like Compumundo or Garbarino, as you'll end up getting a really bad router, which is over priced.