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reply to pkarlos_76

Re: my 25/25 fios by surewest is unlimited! better then shaw!

said by pkarlos_76:

said by jadebangle:

for only 69.99 a month!
28 days
if doing up and down up to 14TB of data transfer a month
1TB for 250MBIT is just BS
I can easily hit 1TB in just 4 days on my 25mbit connection
shaw still sucks
i now understand taht speed alone is not good enough
im paying less then 84.00 a month and still get more speed
25 times faster

Dude stop trolling your in the States.........and Stop being a bandwidth hog, or else pay for the $150 unlimited plan.

im not a dude
a bandwidth hog?
you want me to pay more?
u outta ur mind. all my speed tier is unlimited that why cost so much already.. the 50mbit is 192.00
the 25mbit 69.99
15mbit is 54.99
8mbit is 39.99
1mbit is 29.99
surewest doesnt need to compete with shaw
sw compete with itself.

Let me say it again or rephrase it
why may more when you can pay less?
why pay more then necessary for speed you only need?

bandwidth is unlimited

Your so call canadian isp have been lying to you since your birth
the network slow down if a lot of user are on it but it is unlimited
due to be fool to think they have limited bandwidth
it is marketing hype and only work on ignorant people or newbies
its a pipeline. No limits!!!
bandwidth is forever!
it not like water or gas or electrical that are abundance but limited.

it digital data 0 and 1
you dont understand technology and computer stuff
you are not a nerd.
the reason for caps is to make more money and make you use less bandwidth.
u dont understand bit and bytes then dont bother, you failed computer training courses.