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This is a sub-selection from What's So Bad?


Cleveland, OH
reply to tmc8080

Re: What's So Bad?

The fiber that is in the ground already and is NOT used is NOT the same fiber that is being talked about. That is dark-fiber and backbone fiber. They're not going to turn that into FTTH. The FTTH network has to be linked to that at some point at the CO.

The talk is about spending money that is NOT needed on building out the CO and the last mile of the FTTH network to areas that have services. l and Internet will NEVER be a utility. Talking about Google? LMAO! You know that network is only used for ONE reason. To spy on those users and will be closed down after a while. Google's stock holders will NOT be a competing ISP service with any carrier. VZ with FiOS? That's another laugh. Their numbers are not matching protections and that is a HUGE problem of theirs and they know it. Shareholders will NOT put up with that problem. They have LTE to cover those areas that will NEVER have FiOS in their actual footprint and in areas that they decided to sell off (smart move on VZ's part on getting rid of a landline based service- reduced cost by having it wireless).

And customers/consumers will take what ever the companies give them. Why? because the only thing that they'll do is complain on message boards or threaten to cancel and NEVER do. So yes; you will get what they give you; take it and move on. The same as what consumers do with gas for your cars.