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Lone Wolf

[Philly] Earthquake

My sister heard a loud bang and the house shook but the police, firemen, and gas company workers didn't find anything. That is, until today when they reported an earthquake in Philly!

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NORTHEAST PHILADELPHIA - May 28, 2011 (WPVI) -- The U.S. Geological Survey has recently confirmed that the loud noise heard in Northeast Philadelphia and Lower Bucks Country areas Friday night was in fact an earthquake.

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reply to Lone Wolf
It was bizarre. I live 1 block from where the reported epicenter is on Fairdale Rd. It sounded like something extremely heavy fell upstairs. There was no extended shaking like in the movies, just one loud thud. Then a few smaller ones. Then a crap load of emergency personnel flying through the area and overhead.

It really did seem as if there was a large explosion somewhere nearby but nobody could find anything. Police/fire/medical and even all the utility companies were out in full force searching above and below ground. No gas leaks, power outages, or water leaks were found. Police and news helicopters shinning spot lights up and down streets, in the small wooded areas, and in backyards didn't turn up anything.

Didn't take long for the rumors to make it through the neighborhood though since literally, every house, had people outside looking around and scratching their heads. First it was that there was an underground gas explosion at the construction site at Fairdale and Whiting Rds that sent manhole covers flying and prompted the closing of Knights Rd and Fairdale Rd. Then it was said that there was some type of huge explosion over at Franklin Mills Mall. Or maybe it was a gas leak over on Violet Dr at Templeton or a gas leak over on Ernie Davis Circle that has been leaking for over a month. None of those panned out though, and the search was called off, leaving everyone out in the street wondering. Even news reporters were left with nothing, calling it a mystery explosion. Reports originally said that the USGS ruled out an earthquake too.

It was kinda cool to hang out with all the neighbors, listening to police scanners.