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Changing Billing Responsibility for Uverse

I am wondering how long it will take to change billing responsibility? It has been close to a month and nothing has been done.

Call 1 (about 1 month ago): My roommate called tried to change the billing responsibility to me, was told that we both must be present on the phone to change the billing responsibility

Call 2 (about 1 month ago): My roommate called with me "standby", instead the CSR just asked my name, email, and phone number. The CSR said his supervisor would be contacting me very soon.

Call 3 (about 3 weeks ago): The supervisor never called me back about changing the billing responsibility. My roommate called back, was told that they had everything on me that they needed to change the billing information and the change should be "soon".

Fast forward to now, there's nothing has been done.

Is there any specific phone number that we need to call to have this done? The process seemed takes awhile.


AT&T has higher up departments that can take care of this request. The problem is it's impossible to reach these departments. If a direct hotline to even regular tier 1 support is discovered, AT&T will shut off that number so you have to call the 800-ATT-2020 voice thing.

What I've discovered is the easiest hassle free way to reach these higher up departments that understand how to do things is file a complaint with the BBB. The BBB forwards your complaint to AT&T and one of the escalation departments will call you back. For a reasonable request like this I don't see why they can't resolve the matter the same day they called you back. There's no reason why AT&T should have sat on your request for more than a day or two.

Here's a direct link: »www.bbb.org/atlanta/business-rev ··· omplaint