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Noah Vail
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Re: New law only guarantees voters get an OK BEFORE $ spent

said by FFH:

Before this law was passed, the citizenry, informed or otherwise, had no say in the decision of starting a municipal broadband project. That decision was made by the local elected pol, or more likely the local party boss, looking to find jobs for his family and political supporters in a municipal broadband utility. At least with the new law the voters get to actually vote on whether a municipal broadband system is wanted or not.

In March 10, 1992, a ballot initiative was passed in the City of Morganton North Carolina; by a vote of 2777 to 1169.

It was organized in response to the abysmal service provided by TCI and directed the City to build the local cable system that is presently delivering their broadband.

A link to a site that tells of a NC Muni broadband project,
that was deployed over the objections of much/most of it's residents
would be helpful.

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