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Westwood, CA

Federal Secrecy of Communication Act

George W. Bush tore up the above mentioned "act" in one feld swoop in 2001 when he issued a "pesidential order" that was responsible for new software being installed in every digital telephone exchange across the USA. The purpose of this modification was to allow the monitoring of any and all cell phone calls, outgoing or incoming, across the US. I am aware of this because I was one of the technicians installing that sotware in the telephone exchanges in south/cental New Mexico. I have been in this business since 1968 and this was the first, one and only time, that I ever was witness to the above mentioned "act", an "act" that a copy of which I have been required to sign every year, was so totally disregarded in such a sweeping manner. Those software modifications are still in place. They have been since mid 2001.


New Castle, IN

Nothing new with Phone call monitoring. That always been do since the invention of the telephone and possible even the telegraph.

wrong number

Throughout all of those years that we signed onto the "act" we were bound to never disclose the contents of a conversation or the fact that a conversation had ever taken place (when working in large switching centers you hear portions of conversations tens of times per day). Had to "keep the lips zipped" or the feds would be after you. Now the feds maintain nothing but record everything. The country is in the bucket. I give it four to eight years.