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Old and Cranky
Cortland, OH
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First Time This Year...

...I've had to turn on the A/C. Yesterday was not so hot, but the humidty was almost unbearable. Today, it's nigh on 90 and you can almost see the steam rising out of the ground, trying to dry up last night's rain. Had a pretty severe storm blow through here at just about dark last night. Went from dead quiet and still, to full gale and rain in about 30 seconds. Didn't last long, but it definitely got my attention. Lots of lightning, too. The sky was lit up like the Fourth of July. Lots of nearby strikes, but nothing that close. Still... kinda scarey.

I tried going for a bike ride today, but after only five miles, or so, I was plum tuckered out and sweating like a pig. It was kinda amusing, seeing about every other house, along my route, trying to get the grass mowed. I managed to get the front and side of my place cut yesterday afternoon, but the back is just way too soft to deal with. I'm afraid we're going to need about three more days like today to even make an attempt at cutting the back. There's a pretty healthy breeze, along with the sunshine, today, so that'll help dry things out. I also noticed that the neighborhood sump pumps are all very active.
"I am a man of fixed and unbending principles, the first of which is to be flexible at all times.”

Lorain, OH
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Yup, had that t-storm, lightning, etc come through here last night.
It's 94 in the shade, my central A/C was turned on yesterday. I can't tolerate temps over 75 nor do I tolerate humidity very well. So...what am I doing in Ohio? Hubby was from Ohio, retired from the military in '77, and besides, the house was paid off in 10/05...10 months before he died, and I can't afford to live anywhere else.
So I guess I'm stuck here in Ohio with all the changing seasons (grew up in San Francisco).
We're supposed to have hot and sunny days this week...we'll find out how accurate the weatherman is.


Cleveland, OH
reply to Pacrat
well you shouldn't mow your lawn during the day to start off with when the temp and humidity is high.