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Qwest VDSL2 Modem options

I am installing a simple Qwest VDSL2 tap for a CCTV station, and I have not ordered the modem that Qwest are trying to charge me for, because I don't really want any WiFi access on this (for security reasons). I suspect I could use theirs and turn it off, but I thought it would be easier to source my own modem.

So this is where I'm at. I need to find sources for these modems to get competitive pricing, and ideally all I need is a modem that I will support with my own switch, Firewall/IDS, etc. that goes directly to my cameras.

Can anyone suggest any decent sites or modem options for this?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.



Boulder, CO
I was in a similar situation. Qwest was willing to only lease their Q1000 for $7 pm. I bought a Zyxel Q100 from ebay for $5 !. This is a VDSL modem without wireless. It works great. But the technician who came to install the connection left behind a new Q1000 for free. I suspect that Qwest is trying to get rid of all the Qwest marked routers. So you may also get one for free !.

RIP lil
Rio Rancho, NM
reply to mylesw1
I believe that Qwest is only leasing modems right now. I also have the Zyxel Q100 modem, but I got it when they were still selling them. They are not wireless, and I have it bridged to my router anyway.

If you search for it, I believe that you will only find them for sale on eBay or possibly on Craigslist. I have had it for 10 months now with VDSL2 and no problems.

You can also try a Qwest store, for I believe they are independently owned, and they may possibly sell one to you; only a guess.
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reply to mylesw1
Thanks to all for this. I managed to pickup a Q1000 standard Qwest modem on Craigslist for $30 so I'm set. It has wireless, but I probably won't use it. But certainly beats the $7 per month charge they want slug you for it.