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Portland, OR

Higher bot counts on some IP's....?

What's interesting about this whole thing is that I've found that some IP addresses are for some reason probed 500% more than others.

I have a dynamic IP account here and I've noticed that on days (or weeks) that I get handed an IP in the range of 66.32.xxx.xxx I get hammered by the TON (as logged by the firewall) - and almost exclusively by IP's located in Taiwan, Denmark, Germany, Japan, China, etc. The pings, probes, attempted connects and so on come in literally at the rate of several every second. When I get an IP in the range of 165.121.xxx.xxx I get only the "normal" number of pings, TCP requests, etc. logged at the firewall.

Here's an interesting question though also - I make sure that my e-mail address isn't shown anywhere on my website, but like most people, I have several "mailto:" links around the site. What's been happening lately where the spammers have now figured out how to probe the mailto: and harvest the e-mail from there? - because I've been getting spammed occasionally at e-mail addresses where that the spammer could only have gotten from a harvested mailto: link.

Ed in PDX