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Seattle, WA
reply to buggs1a

Re: web security appliance

Thanks guys. I appreciate it.
The reason I want a hardware box is because I don't have a spare pc and don't want to buy one.

I forget exactly where, but I saw a Cisco wifi router that had I think, what I'm looking for, less then $400 for this one. Might be on their site, but I forget.

The reason I don't want a router is because I already have a couple and I'm on Ciscos beta team, EFT. So I'm already using a router.

I've used Untangle, Astaro, Sonicwall before. I owned a Sonicwall TZ150, TZ170w, TZ210w or something. I even owned for a year and a half the Zywall 2x I think it was back then. I liked the UI on that a lot, specially the bandwidth reporting for ports and protocol telling me how much I uploaded or downloaded, that was cool, they had end of product life for it so I got rid of it. I returned the last Sonicwall because the UI was exactly the same as before, just a different look, and they refused to fix any of the bugs I told them about. So I was sick of them and wanted nothing to do with them ever again them jerks!! Also India support was pathetic! Oh yeah, I even tried a Firebox wifi router, 5w or something, I forget. It's my favorite looking box, the red, but the GUI was pathetic. No way to turn on the filtering even though they said it had it and if you could turn it on I sure as hell couldn't find it. The support guy I talked to back then sucked too. So I returned it the next day and even spoke to the head of the GUI development in email telling him how bad the GUI was. This was a few years ago. Watchguard firebox.

I had problems with Untangle and I think I had issues with Astaro. I do think Astaro seemed better or less trouble then the others/Untangle mainly. I had a pc for Untangle and Astaro, don't anymore.

I have right now a ps3, 2 xbox 360s, 2010 21.5" imac and a Velocity micro pc and my Android HTC Droid Incredible phone, iPad and ipod touch.

What I want to do is have a device that would give me the filtering for everything except I wanna be able to leave the gaming untouched. Since obviously they're not able to browse the net, cept ps3.

I looked at Astaro web site a couple days ago and even tried the online demo. I liked it a lot. I used to have it and liked it a lot too. I don't have a spare pc so I wonder if I can run it on my mac as a virual OS, but there's no vmware player and I'm not going to buy vmware fusion or anything. But yeah, I would have a pc for Astaro.

I do have a place locally called Re-PC with pcs that are used and old. They sell like intel 10/100 nic for like $4-$10 and pcs for less then $225. I know I can go that route for Astaro or whatever else. However here's a small issue.

I will need help with the software and can't afford to pay. I can't even afford a used pc, but I would if I had to. I'm on disability cus I can't or don't work and it's mental, permanent with my ADHD, Tourette and whatever, so I get paid monthly, but am paying my bills and that's it. that'll last for at least another 8 months or so maybe. Just to let y'all know my situation. Astaro is free which rocks!! But I have no idea if it'll do what I'm after. Not being a router, but able to give me the security for all my wired and wifi devices.