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Bremerton, WA

Can't connect to news.wavecable.com

I haven't been able to access usenet newsgroups for about a week. I have been using usenet since 1995 to get/give help and discuss things. Before I give wave a call and wait on hold all afternoon, I was wondering can anybody else access news.wavecable.com, or is having problems logging on? Here is the error message I'm receiving on all my computers (even after resetting the modem and router).

10:36:37 PM Unable to connect / authenticate server: news.wavecable.com @ news.wavecable.com (connect: Winsock Resolve Host: Cannot convert host address 'news.wavecable.com' - No Data (#11004)).

I have looked up the error number and I didn't find anything wrong on my end. I wonder if either, wave discontinued part of the internet, or their is a problem between them and I, somewhere.

Also can you recommend an affordable and reliable usenet service for the kitsap area, because I may have to switch services this summer if I can't log on with wave.


Belfair, WA
news.wavecable.com no longer resolves to any address...

Looks like its gone away...


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I am having the same problem, and all attemps to ping the server fail.


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You can use any news server in the world, has nothing to do with your geographic location. I've tried several and finally settled on »www.newsdemon.com/ You might be able to find a code online that will get you a discount off their posted rates.


Bremerton, WA
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This really sucks. I've been having horrible services lately, lots of dropouts, slow downloads, and now they seem to have dropped usenet service. I might as well switch to DSL at this point and drop my cable service completely.


reply to markmasters
I can ping the crap outta the news server... its fine, my reader just cant connect to the server (Its not my reader... its worked before). Anyway... who cares really... 2 threads at 32K each... I get bittorrents downloading on average 800 - 1000K so I aint that upset about it.

Anyway, wave sucks. I have basic cable no box, just the basic 70 channels, and 10M internet connection. I am actually switching to Dish / DSL this week. I get 210+ channels and 7M internet. 3 receivers, 1 with a DVR and its $10 less then what I pay for wave.

Also I hate how every few hours my stupid internet connection drops then it messes me all up in my games. I hate cable internet... I will never get cable again unless there is no other options. I actually think that if DSL were not available in my area I would pay to have ISDN Lines ran out to my house... lol

I have never had this kinda crappy service with DSL or Dish. Everyone switch to DSL/DISH. Make Wave cable go bankrupt!!! LOL


I've had Wave/Starstream for 10 years now in four different homes. Reliability has always been good. I think it's gone down 2 or 3 times during that time for a few hours each time. And I did have some problems a few years ago that they were able to fix by adding an amplifier or something to the line. Otherwise, never dropped connection. Maybe reliability depends on geographic location.
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