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Fort Erie, ON
reply to FiagaraNalls

Re: ikTel Networks - Niagara ISP

Here's their response...
Dear Gone:

Thanks for visiting our website and for your question. Please could you
provide the postal code of the premises where need the service. Your name
and phone is coming up under:
[Information they looked up was actually my father in St. Cats, I'm in Fort Erie]

If you had checked with the postal code above, yes it is available otherwise
provide me with specific postal code in Fort Erie for us to verify it. If it
passes the online test, then it is available.

To your other concern, about bandwidth congestion, we are offering unlimited
bandwidth usage at the moment(COGECO does not offer this). Our internet
backhaul is via fiber which is 100mbits/sec at Niagara falls and does not
come from COGECO. We share the same intra-city coax wires but there is a
complete separation of our networks. COGECO's customer base does not affect
our bandwidth.

I hope this address some of the questions but do not hesitate to ask more.


Sounds like the standard TPIA fare that Cogeco is currently offering.