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We Hate the new my qwest system & web page

It is absolutely ridiculous that paying customers have to endure more advertisements and garbage video's to finally get to their email!! Hate the green colors. New system is NOT user friendly...Grrrrr


Phoenix, AZ
use pop3? thunderbird, outlook express...
Or if you like to check via webmail; create a gmail account, gmail allows you to add up to 5 pop3 accounts .

a quser

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Or go directly to Qwest webmail,


Littleton, CO

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Agreed, your best bet would be to use a third party eMail Client. That way no one can phish your online address book, or read your eMail. But then you do have a greater chance of bringing in all the little nasties. But if you have good virus protection, you should have nothing to worry about. Just all your mail on your machine for your eyes only.

I have everybody I have to take care of on Thunderbird. And if I wasn't so entrenched in Entourage, I'd use it too.


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The new qwest formate is terrible, in a word , it sucks


I agree....I hate it and it makes it very difficult to scroll and view email because of the ads and other task bars that I cannot turn off. I will be dumping as soon as I have some time to spare to set up another email client....UGGG!

a quser

The Standard interface is less cluttered and currently has no ads.
Preferences > Standard Login. Save, Log Out.


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We hates it! Tricksy, false Qwest. Give us back the precious!


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For those of us that frequently travel, I wish the mail web interface was completely encrypted from a security stand point {HTTPS} who knows if anonymous may expose your e-mails on wikileaks and also the same for the alternate, the mail server itself, POP3, those who use a e-mail client.

One thing I have noticed, the mail server isn't behaving in the proper manner for a POP3 mail server, it is not erasing the e-mails as they are downloaded into your client. If I wanted that feature I would use IMAP.

Ref: IMAP - »en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internet_M···Protocol
POP3 - »en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Post_Office_Protocol

List of webmail providers: »en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison···roviders


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I hate Qwest in general. Lying, cheating basxxx. They promised gift cards for changing over but the compnay handling that process went out of business (before the promise). More expensve, the email advertising issue totally unjust. It almost makes me wish for the Comcast days! Gad!


Des Moines, IA
Lol comcast isn't any better. Lying, cheating, capping bandwidth. lol

gina regina

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Re:I wish i could get my qwest e-mail account to open i am signe

how do you except to get paid. If you do not open our e-mails. home page,ok sign in ok ever do e-mails open page NNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOO


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Re: We Hate the new my qwest system & web page

This may be the worst e-mail program we've ever seen.

It does not let you access your previous contacts and has no clear way of sending an e-mail.

This along with the advertisements makes it a very frustrating experience.


reply to lisachanel
your much better off to use a 3rd party email client rather then this new mess