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Re: Tried RCN for a couple months earier this year and gave up

JST : Good that you have other option(s) to fall back to. Sorry to hear that you had to do the dance routine for tech supports. They would have saved lots of people from agony and suffering had they admit that it's from their network.

Speed-wise, there has been some improvement. But now my connectivity is now unreliable. It's as if someone is yaking out ethernet cable and connect it back every now and then just to annoy you.

Your IP is still there, cable connectivity is still there, it's just that you can't even reach RCN router.

It looks like things never change with RCN. This problem happened with me when I used them 3-4 years ago. Good job keeping your level of service consistent RCN!

Since loading up DSLReports.com to write this note, packet loss to is about 15%.

P.S. I had to switch to Verizon LTE just to edit this post. The connection dropped as I was trying to edit it.
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