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Low Ratings

If you've suggestions and feedback on how we can improve our website and Wiki documentation, as well as our tech support you didn't use in order to ease the setup and get a better score than 25%, that would be greatly appreciated.

The tech support is there specifically to help you on the "ease of installation" in case you run into any problems, and our website has a lot of documentation for the setup process.

Best regards,
Martin - VoIP.ms

PS: Un site en français sera disponible sous peu


Quebec, QC
I know I can put suggestions in the VoIP.ms site directly (and I will) but just to help a bit...

Rating is 1 to 5. 3 would be average in my opinion.

The Web site... It would be nice to have a beginner and avanced menu. The beginner would have almost no options, create voicemail automatically linked to DID. The advanced would have everything else.

Recordings. Would be nice to be able to record Voicemail messages (and all others recordings directly from the phone instead of upload). Right now, to get the best sound, I leave myself a message which gets transfered to my PC by email, and I upload it to the site. There must be a better way. I tried with a microphone but never could get a clean sound like when I leave myself a message.

Would be nice to have a user-friendly step by step descriptions of how to chose the proper ATA, and a description of options for regular people who don't know what is a DID, IVR, FXS, FXO, ATA ... Took me a while to figure out what a FXO and FXS was, and what I really needed. Then figuring out what was the difference between a router and an AtA (my Vonage ATA was also a router, so I was a little confused about what to chose).

This is why I rate the site and installation as below average. Not because it doesn't do what it says (it does a lot more than I knew when I subscribed), but because it is not something you can buy and set-up by yourself like Vonage (which I would rate average) or Bell (better than average because they do everything for you).

Tech support is average because I can't say it's good or bad, didn't use it. Technical documentation or help is all there but not the easiest thing to read. Need to Google some help.

Overall, this is an excellent product once installed. Not just a good value: The best product available at any price. It just can't be installed easily but anyone. I'm getting people on it and helping them setting it up. The word is getting around!

I put a lot of explanations because I also feel my rating is a little low for such a product, so I wanted people to know I'm very satified.
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