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Purchase the wrong modem advice

I recently purchased a motorola coaxial cable modem however my house is wired with ethernet cables. Is there an adapter that i can buy that will convert the blue ethernet cable to a coaxial cable that will allow connection to the modem?


cable internet requires a coax feed to the modem and dsl uses a phone line, i guess you mean you need a coax to ethernet adapter? Im not sure personally if thats what you mean or if anyone makes one but you could try tigerdirect or amazon, or newegg.com.


reply to Jmart72
I'm assuming you have cable internet & want to share the connection to all the computers in your place & your place has ethernet already ran to each of the rooms.

If there is ethernet to all the rooms, I would assume they all start from the same general location (like a closet). If that is correct, you would want to plug in your modem there & then you would need a ethernet switch

I should add that if you ordered DSL, the cable modem will not work