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[DIRECTV] Looking to buy used HD DVR to upgrade from standard DV


I was looking to purchase a used (preferably) or new HD DVR receiver from a 3rd party rather than DTV themselves. I have been a member since 1994 without a single problem or issues with my account and they will only offer one for $100.00....which is $100.00 less than I would have to pay if I were a newer subscriber (which is a plus), however, I was looking to purchase a used one if I could find a source.

If anyone has one or can point me the way, I would appreciate it greatly.


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Re: [DIRECTV] Looking to buy used HD DVR to upgrade from standar

The $100 ($200) is an upfront lease fee which means you do not own the receiver and it must be returned if ever you leave DirecTV. Just to clarify the "purchase" is a upfront lease fee and does not mean you own it. What this also means is that you will not find any reputable sellers selling used ones as they are leased and are not owned by the subscriber.

With that said, you can pick up a new receiver at any DirecTV reseller. I have purchased from these guys before, just not receivers.


If this is your first time into an MPEG4 or HD you may want consider that a dish upgrade may be needed as well. If that's the case your best bet is call back DirecTV and tell ask them to match your local cable cable or Dish Networks offer and give you a better deal on the upgrade and dish swap.

EDIT: also, regardless of where you get the new receiver, DirecTV or another reseller, you will need to commit for 24 months once you activate it.
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reply to n9nu

Try Ebay--Just call D* and check the IRD number to be sure it can be activated on your account before you purchase it.

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reply to n9nu

Actually, I found this to not be the case. I 'bought' a DirecTv HD receiver at Circuit City back in late 2008. All over the box it said that this receiver was only leased and had to be returned to DirecTv. I used it for about 18 months, then cancelled my DirecTv. The only two receivers they wanted back were my older standard def ones-including the one that I had replaced with the HD one and was in my closet. I specifically asked about the HD one and they told me that I could keep it to be used later on, sell it or recycle it.