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Webster, NY

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WUHF Channel 31 in Rochester Audio Dropouts

We just had D* installed last Thursday. I am overall extremely happy with it so far. (Whole house DVR with 2 HD boxes) However a post at another forum mentioned an audio skip or drop out on this one channel. (31-WUHF) We have not had channel 31 on hardly at all since Thursday, so I tuned in last night and immediately noticed the very same thing. This is the Fox affiliate in Rochester, NY. So where do I go from here ? Call DirecTV support and let them know ? The poster at the other forum said that a call to them did not get him anywhere. This is mildly bothersome because I am looking forward to watching the NASCAR event this afternoon and I will probably have to watch it OTA.

EDIT: I think that the audio problem was right from the source...WUHF. Either way, it is not happening this morning.