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Boosting Wireless Range

I currently have a Westell 7500 modem. Everything works fine. I am using both LAN ports and wireless. I want to extend the range of the wireless signal. The Westell 7500 has an internal antenna so using and external antenna is not an option. What would be the best/simplest way to get extended range? I am unable to move the Westell to another room since it is a home run DSL connection. It is roughly in the center of the house so it probably woud not make difference anyway.

option 1 - get a wireless N router and connect it to the Westell.
- how to configure the Westell and wireless N router?

option 2 - replace the Westell with a wireless N router.
- which one is compatibly with Zoomtown?
- how to configure?


Cincinnati, OH
Your best options are either Option 1 or get a wireless range extender. For two routers you'd simply turn off the wireless in the Westell.
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Cincinnati, OH
reply to test1
If you are able to run an ethernet cable to another router, setting up another access point would be the easiest option. You just need another wireless router configured in AP point. Set it up with the same name and security settings, and your computers / laptops will seamlessly connect to the proper one, and switch to the closer one.

Or you could try getting a stronger wireless router. How much farther are you hoping to extend the signal?