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actiontec q1000 overheating

Thanks for the post. here is my case:

Ok,my internet connection was lost since 4pm saturday (06/04/2011), and I tried to reboot the modem many times, and it did not work. There were a few times, I was connected to internet, but within a minute, the internet was disconnected again. so I was thinking maybe the modem was overheated. The modem is Qwest Actiontec Q1000, the modem is kind of warm, but not really hot. Any way, I still suspect that overheating is the problem. since I am not a patient guy, I put the modem (wrapped in a plastic bag so no moisture will get inside the modem box) inside the refrigirator to cool it down quickly. and tried it again, and it worked for about 5 minutes. It did seem like a overheating problem. So I opened the modem, the inside components were pretty hot. I turned the PCB upsidedown so the components side face to air so heat can be dispated easily. Reconnected, and it worked! Called Qwest tech support, told them what I believe, the guy said he had not aware of the overheating problem for this modem, but he believed me and would send me a new modem.



They must have been surprised at how thourough you were. I have the Q1000 here and it just runs. Current session time is 9 days, 20 hours. You should do fine with a new modem.