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I wonder...

How this story was validated? Because if this is the case, this would violate the CenturyLink Code of Conduct. I think this story was made up somehow or someone falsely reported it. I understand the concern regarding what happened, but to go off and slam a company like this? I would want some sort of validation before I were to believe that this email was sent out...there are even employees on here that said they didn't get the email...

Obtained from »www.centurylink.com/static/PDF/A···duct.pdf

Political Activities and Contributions
We encourage employees to participate in the political affairs of their communities
by voting, volunteering their personal time and supporting the candidates of their
choice. CenturyLink will not attempt to influence your personal contributions or
political activities.
Similarly, when you speak on public issues, make sure you do so
as an individual and that you are not representing or giving the impression that you
are speaking on behalf of CenturyLink – unless authorized to do so by your Region
President, the General Counsel or Chief Executive Officer.
CenturyLink has established various Political Action Committees (“PACs”). PACs
are voluntary, non-profit, independent organizations that may accept contributions
and make expenditures to support candidates understanding the issues that are
important to the Company, consistent with applicable laws. You may, where eligible,
make contributions to a CenturyLink-sponsored PAC. You will not be pressured to
participate in any PAC or PAC-related activity. Moreover, CenturyLink will not attempt
to influence your personal contributions or political activities.
You may make personal contributions to candidates or events on your own behalf,
but you should not make personal contributions represented to be on behalf of
CenturyLink. You will not be reimbursed for any such contributions.
CenturyLink may on occasion elect to spend authorized funds to publicize a specific
event or viewpoint. Nonetheless, you must not use corporate funds to support any
political candidate, party, organization or event without prior approval of the Chief
Executive Officer or General Counsel. Failure to abide by this policy may result in
the violation of various federal and/or state election laws and may subject you to
disciplinary action, up to and including termination.



It was only sent to those whose reps voted for the bill, and it was sent by an exec in network services. So if you are under another group, you wouldn't have received it.