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Las Vegas, NV

FTTH Las Vegas

Dose anyone know if any company plans in the future to deploy fiber to the home in las vegas


Ontario, CA
·Verizon FiOS
I only know one company in vegas that does fiber and only to one building. Also speeds are not great, the biggest thing it has going for it is latency as it can get around 6-7ms to Los Angeles (1-2ms first hop ping and good routing).

The company is 'Primecast' and I am pretty sure they are not fiber to many of the buildings they serve.

If you have century link do you think I could trouble you for some traceroutes (PM) and can you let me know if you have any problems with latency instability during peak hours? Is the only problem its slow or are they not even delivering speeds during peak hours or too much congestion? I know they suck in some other areas but wasn't sure about Vegas.
Two 35/35 FIOS connections bonded to 70/70


Las Vegas, NV
oh im not having any internet issues at all i have cox communications i just wish instead of cox and centurylink there was another choice i wish las vegas had fibe due to the awesome pings and higher upstream speeds

dont get me wrong cox is ok but there speeds are lacking with some other companies such as comcast who can offer 10mbps in the upstream direction where cox can only do 6mbps max in the upstream direction

thats why i wish fios or frontier would offer fiber to las vegas i would play 100 dollars a month for internet if i could get a 35/35 plan like verzion offers in there tripple play package