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Leavenworth, WA
reply to FenixSucks

Re: I think Qwest is blocking YOUTUBE

Definitely not PC. Take the laptop to campus, connect to their WiFi and streaming is silk smooth.


I am a recent customer to Qwest DSL. I have the 7mbps speed. I switched from Comcast. I have noticed extreme slowness with video sites like youtube. It might work initially, but after a few videos it starts to slow down. I then run a speed test and my download speed drops below 1mbps. I then try other sites and other computers and its the same extreme slowness on any site. If you wait and come back perhaps in 30 minutes, the speed seems back to normal.

I should say I was using the supplied Q1000 modem/router from Qwest initially. I just changed my setup to bypass the router portion and the routing is now handled by my old router which I was using with no problem with Comcast. So between switching routers, computers, websites, the problem is either with the modem which seems unlikely, or with Qwest itself.

Has anyone experienced this?



I have Qwest at home and at work. We have multiple people streaming youtube all day long with very few issues. The same with netflix, which uses a lot more bandwidth.