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Barrie, ON
reply to neko

Re: ikTel Networks - Niagara ISP

said by neko:

said by justsomeguy8:

I'd be worried about network performance if they are selling
50mbit packages and only have a 100mbit backhaul.

I seen what you did there...

You have improvised. adapted. You are now trolling the Cogeco forum.

It will not work, justsomeguy. The Cogeco forum is impervious to trolls. It's impervious to consumer complaints, pleas for help, or any type of discussion regarding Cogeco's competitive service.

Nice try, though.

It was a nice try wasnt it?
This is the same deal teksavvy has, they had to run their own fiber and can only get a 100mb backhaul.


I just read the updated version of the TPIA Tariff from Cogeco's LEGAL section on their site. Section 5.2 has been updated:

5.2 Customers are responsible for providing transmission facilities between their Premises and the splicing enclosure at the POI. Interconnections at the
POI must be made via (a) one or more dedicated DS3’s, (b) Fast Ethernet 100Base-FX, (c) OCS Packet over Sonet, (d) ATM, (e) Gigabit Ethernet or
other mutually agreed on high-speed telecommunications facility. The rates in this Tariff do not include the provision of such transmission facilities.

5.2(e) is new as of February 2011 the Tariff includes GigE line cards. I think the issue at hand at the moment in Cogeco is the Caps since it is clearly spelled out in the Tariff that Usage per tier is tied to Cogeco's retail offerings and outlandish UBB fee's. These fee's appear to be at %15 of cogeco's retails UBB charges, but with the same maximum charge. Oddly enough Speed Tier 5 50/1.5Mbps TPIA cost is actually greater than Cogeco's retail offering. Monthly Tariff rate is $109.00 while Cogeco unbundled Retail rate is $104.95. Tariffs have no matching Speed Tier for Ultimate 30.

So that's a lot of nonsense to the thread at hand, but this revised Tariff clearly states GigE interfaces.