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Am I going to regret my decision? (Miami, FL)

I signed up today for ABB's MAX service ($39 for 12 months).

I like to think I'm patient, but after 2 transfer and waiting on hold for 1/2 an hour. Tech support tells me there is an outage in my area and they can't get my service started. Ugh.

I own an SB5101 modem, and elected to do the home install myself. Now Im getting a solid power light, a blinking receive light, and nothing else.

So, I'm told to (A) wait until the outage is over and it should start working or (B) if it's not working by tomorrow they'll need to send out a tech for $40 (because I dont have wire service. I live in a condo! COME ON!)

Feels like a bad omen...I shouldn't panic, right?



Carlisle, PA
Not sure about the "to panic or not to panic" question, as you stated you don't have wire service.

By that, do you mean that you don't have Cable TV? If so, I always thought that in those instances, that they had to send someone out to check the filters on the cable line at the pole. But I may be wrong on that one.

However, it seems they struggle to manage their Miami networks from what I have heard (a lot more downtime there). Not sure on exact figures.

Once you're up and running, the speeds are good, unless you have an overloaded node.

This is in Western/Central PA with "15/1.5Mbps MAX" (yes, they actually provision it lower up here for whatever reason).

So with their 15/1.5, I'm getting, realistically, about 16/1.6

Hopefully things will work out. Keep us posted.