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VOD error 462

Video On Demand is suddenly giving an odd error. After watching 3 shows on VOD/SyFy, which worked fine, any show I try to watch on HBO VOD will play for about 2 minutes, then give "account error (Code: 462)."

Any chance anyone knows what they could mean? We have an HBO subscription, I watch HBO OD all the time, and regular HBO channels are working.

Wave Broadband Digital TV
Auburn, CA


Rocklin, CA
Hi Biscuit,

A 462 error code indicates an issue with your HBO authorization on your settop box for VOD. You can call our technical support department at 866-WAVE-123 to have us resend down the HBO authorization to your box.


Hi wave916,

Thanks for the reply! The weird thing is, all the HBO channels work just fine. VOD is working again now (I guess after a certain amount of time it resets itself?), but if it happens again I'll call in.

Thanks again.