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Seneca, MO

The Billy-Bob & Bubba Phone Company

My wife & I moved to Seneca Missouri almost 2 years ago from Leesburg Fla. When we moved here we were told there were 3 choices for TV & only 1 choice for home phone & Internet.
The 3 choices for TV are DISH or DIRECTV Satellites, or the local Billy -Bob & Bubba telephone company. that 1 choice for home phone & internet is also the Billy-Bob & Bubba phone company.

Well, we went for the Billy-Bob TV/Phone/Internet bushel basket.
We got 50 TV channels, local phone service and a whopping 2 meg d/l internet.
The only problem with the internet is it is in reality only 400 to 600 kb, & a whopping 23 to 34 kb upload.

There wasn't a single day go by that we didn't lose TV/Internet service to pixelation, freeze's of the screen, or a plain old dead screen. The Internet would go down within 5 to 10 seconds after the TV. And, about 60% of the time, the phone service would go south with the other two.
I have complained to the point they tried to come into my home and get their equipment "because they couldn't make me happy".
And all I wanted was what I was paying for, nothing else.

What is really scary is the fact the SOB's that own this company, would rather lie to a customer than fix the problems. Most of their "tech types" couldn't find their butts with both hands in their back pockets and a set of instructions.

There are almost 3,500 residents of this town alone. and most have had this "service", for what it was worth and dropped it.

These people also deserve a decent service for phone, TV, and internet.
If a company came in here and did right by the customers, they'd make a ton of money!. Unfortunately, I am told the "build out costs are prohibitive now. So we are screwed by a shyster company called S-GO Video or The Seneca Telephone company.

Lombard, IL
While I hear your pain, I must point out that you mentioned that they tried to come get their equipment back. I don't doubt the service sucks one bit, but boy oh boy it sounds like you're keeping their blood pressure going.

Do you have 3g (or 4g) out by you yet? If you haven't tried mobile broadband it's worth a shot. When I was in a similar bind I ended up just grabbing a decent aircard and EVDO Rev A or so brought ~100ms ping times and a few mbit down. Combined that with Sat TV & the regular cell phone and I was good to go. A friend in that same area is still on the same setup using a Sprint hotspot device. Beats the speeds you seem to be getting.
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Granite City, IL
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reply to mrham
I heard one from Hammel, IL the company is called madison communications.

a 10Mbps/1.5mbps plan (you better sit down for this one) was $179.99/month.

3mbps/1mbps I believe is what it was, was like $79.99 a month.

According to what a friend told me. I thought that was just F'in incredible!
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