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Wyckoff, NJ

HTC Inspire

Howdy all,

Well, after a two page thread, I finally decided to ditch the Iphone and go for the HTC Inspire.. So far, it's not a bad choice for what I need.. but I can't figure something out..

How do you transfer music and movies to it? I have it connected as a disk, but it doesn't seem to recognise any MP3 I put in the audio/media folder..

So far google yields no results, and there is no memory card in it, as I'm not sure yet which kind of takes..

thanks for any help

Sandy, UT

Confusing post. If you don't have a mini SD card ni the phone then you can't connect the phone as a drive as the drive is _only_ the SD card. You can't (non-rooted) access the phone internal memory as a storage device.

But you say that the phone won't reconize the mps and videos that you've added to it. You should not have been able to add any files if you don't have a micro SD card installed. You also should not have any folder listed for this same reason.

Your post if confusing as you state that have put music and videos into the media folder but this should not be possible without an SD card.

I'd think all Android phones are sold with micro SD cards. Yours was not?

An 8GB micro SD card is around $16.

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reply to TurtleFan

Re: HTC Inspire

said by htc.com :
How do I copy files, music and video between my phone and PC?

To transfer files from your computer to your phone’s storage card, you need to set the phone’s storage card as a Disk Drive.

Connect the phone to the computer using the USB cable, and open the notifications panel.

Tap “Select to change USB Connection Type” and change it to Disk Drive. the phone will appear as an external USB drive on your computer.

Info here too How to correctly upload songs to HTC HD2

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