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Newport Beach, CA

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Bluehost/Ebay shutdown crap is lame - need new host

I have had Bluehost for about 6 years. 2 weeks ago I was shutdown without warning. Nobody would tell me what was going on and then I was transferred to TOS.

About 4 years ago I signed up as an ebay developer, built a few really nice pages with different backgrounds etc. When I started to sell I put a few example pages onto my server along with some pics and forgot about them.
Some where along the line some pages on an unrelated domain must have been crawled and according to Bluehost Ebay had issue. Bluehost then proceeded to shut me down without warning and did not know for several days. No warning nothing zip.

I did not have any use for the pages so I removed the requested pages and requested the complaint. They then put my site back up but never sent out a complaint or other.

Bluehost conveniently shut me down @ 3:30 just about the time that all the managers leave. I got on chat and they said that my account has been terminated and I would have to get a new host. I looked in my email and this time I did get an email to inform me that I am terminated because I did not remove some links. WTF I never saw this information before and was lead to believe that I had corrected any issues.

They chat was ended abruptly and it was quite clear that Bluehost did not like their answers in writing.

I talked to several people at blue host and they now refuse to reinstate my account, send a complaint or care to resolve what was clearly a misunderstanding. Sales did not care and the scripted TOS lady refused to let me talk. I also asked her and several others for the complaint.

My site is simple, no flash, porn, video or other low hit type of site.

So Bluehost sucks and I need a host that has cpanel and hopefully unlimited databases for R&D. Cost effective LAMP host.

I have heard the complaints with Bluehost before, but I never pushed the limits so I never had issues until this time. They just lost a customer or more for life.

I guess the good news is that there is a better host out there that knows how to communicate and appreciates customer loyalty.

I also wonder how you can be an Ebay developer and not be able to put pages up onto a sever.

Any suggestions and/or other?


Right Back At-Cha
I still use the guys at »rochenhost.com and have for years. I'm on a reseller plan and while it's not unlimited, it seems to have worked for several years. Any time I did something bad, it was a quick resolution. I'd recommend them.
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When I ran a web site, I used »www.pair.com . They were great, and would never pull that kind of crap.

They usually run a "Refugee Special":

WAIVED Set-up Fees on All New Accounts for Refugees

Tired of bad service or dishonesty from your current Web host?

Looking for a better deal or superior uptime?

Switch to pair Networks now and get WAIVED SET-UP FEES on any of our Web hosting plans -- just put the word REFUGEE, as in "Web hosting refugee," in the Coupon Code field when signing up. Set-up fees are waived for the account and the first domain name (only).

Feel free to tell anyone about our Refugee Special.

Contact sales@pair.com for more information.

Redford, MI

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reply to MTB
I like HostGator. I use a Reseller account for my personal experimentation. A standard HostGator shared hosting account is fine too.

said by HostGator Newsletter excerpt :

We handled:

Over 240,000 Ticket Replies with an average rating of 9 out of 10 (Nearly 8,000 replies per day).

We answered over 180,000 Chat inquiries, again with an average rating of OVER 9 out of 10 (nearly 6,000 Chats per day).

And we answered over 100,000 phone calls with the average call duration at just over 8 minutes (over 3,000 phone calls per day).

Cleveland, OH
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I use JaguarPC(Formerly Aletia Hosting). Going on 9 years for 3 sites I maintain. 1 is a heavily traffic Mustang site. The other two are for small businesses.

They have great support with any issues and their downtime is very minimal.
Buckeye Stangs - Ohio Mustang Club


Newport Beach, CA
reply to MTB
Thanks for all the good suggestions.

I got a nervous and I ended up getting a Justhost.com account. I was going to get an Inmotion Hosting account but decided I liked having unlimited databases for some unknown reason. I have not loaded up anything and could still get my cash back if I saw something that I knew was good.

I hope that I did not just fall for another Bluehost since you always seem to get what you pay for. Managed limitations or quotas may be a good thing since there is no such thing as unlimited and how they get away with this FRAUD we will never know.!


I do not know why they insist on doing this to a paid long term customer. They keeping wanting to talk about the TOS this that or whatever, where why blah blah

Blue host service should be ashamed and the Floor supervisor told me that he did not have to and/or could not give my files back.

Keeping a persons work that is paid is just THEFT and probably the worst thing a site could do to their reputation.

and Oops!

The tech told me
"site temp shut down due to performance reasons"
then the shudder to TOS song and dance I am a worthless person with my hands tied. What ever happened to the can do man what a bunch of sorry wimps that crew is.

I should not have to endure long hold patterns to hear something that stupid over and over and ovr again in a endless go nowhere loop.

OH is it past somebody in TOS's bed time too? I thought you had 24 x 7 support. Interesting that you would shut somebody down and then not be availible.

Still no Ebay complaint and I have asked over 10 people for it.

There's a reason I'm Command.
Washington, DC

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said by MTB:


Regardless of the circumstances that led up to this, as a developer you absolutely cannot claim ignorance about maintaining current backups of all your work where they will always be immediately available to you. You never know when something will go horrendously wrong and if you get caught with your pants down, that's your own fault.
"Keep calm and carry on."
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