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Teddy Boom
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Toronto, ON
reply to FiagaraNalls

Re: ikTel Networks - Niagara ISP

$0 installation fee?!?!?

All plans use DCM425? Even the 50mbit tier?

Still, very interesting development.

Fort Erie, ON
said by Teddy Boom:

$0 installation fee?!?!?

All plans use DCM425? Even the 50mbit tier?

Still, very interesting development.

Right now he serves just St. Catharines and Niagara Falls. There's lots of confusion about where the POIs cover and the list Cogeco has given him hasn't exactly been correct, but he's open and honest about it. I took a modem home to Fort Erie, didn't sync, took it to my mom's in Niagara Falls and it did. So she gets to keep it instead.

When I hooked it up last night I was getting ~7Mbit/s, but I'm pretty sure the router I was using - something I found in my basement - only had a 10Mbit WAN port. The latency was the same as Cogeco. I've ordered her a WRT310N so we'll see what it's like when that arrives.

Thus far, my mother has been very happy. She called me today to say just how much faster it is than Bell, and my sister's eyes lit up like a kid at Christmas when I told her they didn't have to worry about Bell screwing them for $60.

DCM425 is DOCSIS 2.0. There's no DOCSIS 3 in Niagara so it's a non-issue.


I picked up a modem last week. Cogeco comes Monday to hook up the line. Luckily I don't work Monday because it's an 8am-5pm deal.
I'll report back after I've had it for a day or two.


Well, I've had it for a day now and I'm pleased. I'm getting full 14mbit consistently. I'm going to wait a week just in case, but if there are no problems, TekSavvy will lose a customer.

They were great, but they let Bell take away 70% of the speed I had for a year. If I leased a car, and after a year they came and took away the doors, radio, roof, trunk, and replaced the engine with a lawnmower motor, leaving me with a steering wheel, and gas tank that goes 15 km/h, do you think I'd pay the same damn price?

I know it's not their fault, but I can't stand their response to me, "oh well we told bell and they said that's as fast as they can give you, so if you want internet, that's the price, and you don't get a credit or discount."

F##k Bell, they have put us in the stone age of internet service.

Renfrew, ON
I'm just curious, you're posting (presumably from home) from a cogentco.com address.

Are you getting an American IP?

Two sites to check:




Getting access to Hulu/Pandora and the other American streaming sites would be a nice perk