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Switch Internet Only Package before 6 Months?

Since they recently laid some "lighted wires", been thinking the 40/20 internet only package which does not come any lock-ups or contracts. Can I switch from the 40/20 to lets say the 12/5 internet only package before my 6 months is up? Would like to know any advantages of this, currently paying Cable for 10/1, if any, for 65/mo, and Qwest is looking good here. I have been a Qwest customer fro 3 years before cable on the legendary 1.5, but these prices are non appetizing now.


I assume you have or going to sign up for $30 any speed for 6 months. If that is true, there shouldn't be any issue with you switching speeds later on before the 6 months is up. However by switching, I am not sure if the $30 would stay locked in.

I would assume the reason you would switch is to have your acct at the speed you would be willing to pay for at "regular" price before the 6 months were up


reply to FibrousNet
Thanks for your reply, yes as you stated I was thinking to switch from the $30, 6 month 40/20 special before it ends to a more economical package, say the 12/5. I understand the $35 price wouldn't apply to me anymore because I wouldn't be considered a "new" customer no more after 6 months are up. But thanks for clearing it up, figured that there wouldn't be any inconvenience on the switch up before the 6 months.
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