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[netopia] Netopia 3347-02-1002 - pass through other routers?


I am trying to setup a VPN connection to pass through the Netopia to a router. It must pass through one router before getting to the destination router: Netopia--> router1--> router2

router 1 has a subnet of 192.168.2.x
router 2 has a subnet of 192.168.1.x

I have tried the VPN with a machine connected directly to the Netopia, and this worked. I suspect the problem is that the Netopia is also a router, so when I port forward the VPN connection to a machine on router 2 with an ip of, the Netopia looks for a machine with that address on its own LAN, and of course doesn't find it. How can I get the connection to ignore the ports on the Netopia and go straight up to the router? Ive tried disabling DHCP on the Netopia, but then it can't communicate at all with the routers, I've tried putting it in bridge mode, but for some reason it disabled the internet access. I need it to pass through the Netopia, then pass through router 1 and connect to a machine on router 2. Getting the connection passed the Netopia seems to be the hardest part. Does anyone have an idea of what needs to be done on the Netopia to allow this? Any help is appreciated.