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[speed/latency] 4th Outage in a month FAIRPOINT pay your BILL!

I again verified with the NOC of Verizon network operations center, and FAIRPOINT has failed to pay their weekly fees again. Thus their services have been throttled affecting everyone in NH, VT, ME.

I am hoping someone from Fairpoint sees this. Last chance to make it right. Give everyone high speed customer a 1 month credit or I will unleash the dogs as I have enough evidence to slam your company HARD! I have been watching this for so long.

Where is the fire this time? What facility? Why was it not on the news? First it was a fire in a facility on May 15th, then it was a fire in a tunnel. Which was it? How come it was not reported by any news media in NYC?

I recoreded the call to tech support and was told two different types of fires.

I am interested in seeing what your scab teenage agents are going to say tonight.....


Can't call.. line is busy.

F U fairpoint..

I am canceling service ASAP and I am going to post flyers through-out the entire state of NH to kill your service!!!!!


8:42pm EST:

Verizon is throttling and tech support did confirm that it was a connection between fairpoints primary OC48 and Verizon in MASS. This is not an issue with VERIZON, it is a continued issue of FAIRPOINT NOT PAYING THEIR BILL!!

Contact customer service tomorrow and request a FULL MONTH CREDIT.

Throttling happens shortly at 8pm and happened on the following nights:

May 5th, May 15th (was claimed to be a fire but this is false, I verified), May 20th at 9pm EST but lasted 30 minutes and TODAY

If you can see a pattern its every 5 to 10 days which to me rolls like a payment arrangment and fairpoint will stretch it to the point where they are forced to pay up to keep customers happy.