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Frontier DSL

I am now literally 1 mile from a remote AdTran servicing box that provides us with DSL. My modem is provisioning at 12meg down and 1.5meg up (available speed) and is throttled to 1.5down and 384k up.

My question: The first hop to the Frontier network is 52ms, is this normal?

traceroute to www.l.google.com (, 64 hops max, 40 byte packets
1 ( 2.533 ms 1.610 ms 1.464 ms
2 clsm-207-7-187-1-pppoe.dsl.clsm.epix.net ( 53.894 ms 55.158 ms 53.948 ms
3 g8-1-rtr01-lkst.epix.net ( 71.591 ms 56.826 ms 56.136 ms
4 ( 55.906 ms 55.298 ms 55.321 ms

Further, while I do get 1.5meg down, things seem "laggy". Like normally, on a 1.5meg Internet connection a page like www.msnbc.com or www.chilitech.net would come in pretty quickly.

However, when I load it, I can watch parts of the page come in. Is this the evils of PPPoE in action?

Any thoughts?



I just noticed we are set to Interleave instead of FastTrack. That could cause the latency I'm seeing, yes?

North Tonawanda, NY
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Interleaved mode will create the latency you're seeing. The higher the latency may indicate a higher interleaving depth as well. You might be able to hold FastPath, though just to be sure can you provide your modem's DSL Statistics for us to see?

Otherwise if you're being capped at 1.5Mbps despite the 12Mbps sync rate, it's possible Frontier may have to check your provisioning on their end to be sure everything is correct. It's also possible that Adtran may be connected by nothing more than T1 lines, so there's a constraint there too. If you can find a local Frontier tech or one on the phone who has the ability, have them double check the configuration of your line to be sure it's set correctly.



Let me clarify - but I think you answered the question. I have a 1.5 DSL plan. The modem is syncing with the DSLAM at 12meg.

Prior to this new setup (new wire and remote DSLAM) we were (I kid you not) at the end of a 40,000 foot copper loop and had terrible service -- thus probably the high level of interleaving.

The stats are near perfect now, but I can't post them until I get home tonight.

The AdTran is connected by 2 T1 lines, but that's irrelevant as I'm just trying to figure out the latency, not get higher throughput.

I'm dealing with the local GM + Head Tech on this issue, but I wanted to make sure I had my interleave/fastpath understanding correct before I asked them about it.



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reply to mhoppes

The techs told me that they are not activating the modems and limiting the speed that way. They are controlling the speed based upon the connection at their box that connects to the DSLAM on the pole (the latest equipment they are putting in for new areas).


Banks, OR
reply to Smith6612

That's weird. If they were to provision the modem for 1.5 meg, you'd have lots more noise margin, and could probably get away with fast path.

I'm on the 3 meg plan (the fastest they sell here) even though the connection could do more. The modem is provisioned for 3 meg, so I have >25 dB noise margin. Fast path works fine.