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This is a sub-selection from Inside perpective


Yorkville, IL
reply to Catmando

Re: Inside perspective

I'm located off Rt. 71 between Rt. 126 and Rt. 47, so I'd guess the fiber comes down Rt. 34 and then down Rt. 47 across the river to the CO. I assume the common duct continues west on Rt. 34 to pick up Plano and Sandwich.

From the feedback I did get from AT&T, it does sound like they messed up the vp/vc settings for the Yorkville CO, as they took out customers all over town, including some located on Rt. 34.

I understand the training and staffing issues - they have a small group of techs, many of whom I've met, who try to get things done. On a botched business DSL install last year they had to call in a tech from Naperville after the local guys unscrambled the pair assignment. The work order assigned a pair from a terminal on the south side of Rt. 34 instead of from the terminal directly behind the business on the north side of the street.
This is a sub-selection from Inside perpective