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TWC to Earthlink for internet?

We're currently using TWC (Time Warner Cable) for TV and internet, in the Chapel Hill NC area. We'd like to drop TWC TV service altogether and switch internet service back to Earthlink to save money (we switched from Earthlink to TWC years to add cable).

Has anyone done this and is willing to share their experience? I'm wondering if there any additional fees involved, or is it just switching a button? And can TWC do it at their office, since they do billing, or should we just sign up via Earthlink's site?

Any feedback/advice would be greatly appreciated. TWC doesn't have the rep for making things that easy around here!

Thanks, Susan

Dayton, OH
I have no experience in what you want to do. I would suggest that you switch to Earthlink internet service first. Once that is complete and working, THEN cancel the cable TV service.

Just my .02.


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Sign up through the site and you will probably get a promotional price. TWC will call you and flip the switch while you are on the line. (Of course they may try to charge you a different rate or add a fee for fun)


Tallmadge, OH
reply to SusanNC
I did this when I dropped TWC for TV.

All that happens is that the Road Runner accounting codes are removed from the account and the Earthlink codes are added.

You keep your existing cable modem. You just pull an Earthlink IP instead of an Road Runner IP.

They may charge you for the installation of a video trap on your cable line since you're a data-only customer. They charged me $10 for the trap when I moved to Earthlink.

reply to SusanNC
I read your post. I live in Chapel Hill and would like to get away from TWC. Wondering what your experience has been.