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Run! Don't walk from AT&T!!!

Being able to record four shows at once is NOT worth dealing with a company with so many people that give different answers every time you call.

I had ATT Uverse, DSL, and phone for a year, then moved. I was told service could not be moved that I would have to cancel service at the original address and open a new account at the new address. So I did, only to learn a new policy said that all new accounts MUST have auto pay. Still okay. I can live with that, too.

But when I was told that my bill would be $145.00 plus "taxes and surcharges", and my first bill is $300.59. That was it for me.

When I tell you I made close to four dozen calls to straighten out the old account/new account fiasco, believe me when I say, that is NOT an overstatement!!

For your own good, and sanity, find another carrier. Anyone, and I mean ANYONE is better then AT&T!!!

Joliet, IL
·AT&T U-Verse

When I moved I did not have to use Auto-pay?? You were lied to. No company forces you to use Auto-pay. I do not call them. I only talk to Tier 2 techs here on this site and get good results. I never had any problems with my account when I moved. My only other provider in my area for internet is Comcast and no way in hell am I going to them. They are horrible. Just because you had a bad experience does not mean everyone does. I have been using AT&T since 2002 and the only problem I had was with their TV. Now it is gone. My internet has always been reliable along with the Voice.


reply to kmuck58

I am with you, the customer service is horrible. I am on the phone with them everyday trying to get my services working correctly and it does no good. The internet is slow and every time I get on the cable freezes. I also had to enroll in autopay. I am going to give them one more chance to fix it than I am going to cancel my service. I have already talked alot of people out of getting it and was going to try and get it at my 5 shops but the service is just plain crap.

runu from at&t uverse »